Sunday, July 29, 2012

Hey batter batter batter....

We became members of the YMCA in the beginning of summer and Troy and I have been having a lot of fun working out together and the kids have been having a ton of fun in their kid zone. It is such an awesome place! They do play doh, crafts, story time, coloring, they have a sand box, water table, swings, jungle it and they have it! Needless to say Lucy begs not to leave every time we go to pick them up. They also have wonderful sports programs for the kids. The YMCA gave us 50% off of one sport program, so we signed Lucy up for t ball that is every Saturday for an hour all the way to September. It was $30! What a deal right? Here was her first "practice."

Playing catch with dad.

This little one is in love when we are there! And yes, he is wearing pink blinged out sunglasses! You do with what you have when it is hot. :)
Her team listening to directions. 
She does great!

Getting ready to run the bases!

Almost at home!
I love how tall she is compared to all the others. It is a 3-4 year old league and she is 4 1/2, but there are a ton of kids older than her too. Its just something she will have to get used to! I did!
Throwing a ball to try and knock a cone over.

She is having a ton of fun!

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Jenafer Lowe said...

Why no mention of the super awesome team name?! Lucy is adorable and so is Stetson!!! Maybe we can make it to one of her games!!!


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