Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Miniature golfing anyone?

Oh my gosh we had so much fun taking the kids for their first time!!! It was awesome that the kids were free too! The kids didn't get the idea of letting each person take a turn, so for the most part it was a free for all. They were fascinated by all the fun little obstacles. 
 I love how Stetson has his club over his shoulder. He literally wakes up and says, "Golfing? Golfing? Daddy, golfing?" EVERY DAY!!! 
 He even has a professional putter that is just his size!! To die for right? Lucy got a set for her 3rd birthday that he now uses. Don't you love his Rainbows? He also wears these EVERY DAY!! They were the greatest hand me down ever! Come to think of it, this kid lives off of hand me downs!

 Where did my ball go??????

 Here is a little shot of, "it's everyone's turn all at the same time!"
 Now Lucy wants to know where her ball went!!! And Stetson just sat down to take a break!
 "Gosh darn it!!!! Can I climb in there????"

 I spy a little blonde way up where she shouldn't be!!!! Do you?
 I was trying to be a photo pro.....this is all I got for ya.... 

Our next adventure to blog about with the family is bowling! We are going tomorrow!

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Alisha George said...

I love reading your blog! Cute pics!


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