Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Last week we took the kiddos bowling. I was super excited! My MIL took them the previous week and had a blast so I knew it would be fun!
 Yes my little 2 year old just HAD to carry that ball all by himself!
 I loved the little contraption they have to help little ones like him feel successful!
 I loved this pose he did each time so he could watch his ball.
 We did have A LOT of sitting on the walkway ( is that what its called? )
 And laying on our stomaches.....What the heck?
Had to get a picture of the fact that bowling shoes actually do look cute on a 4 year old! ( don't mind the two different color socks! trying to find any socks was hard in itself! ) 
 BUT, don't let me fool you with it being a bowl of cherries.....we did have our moments where we thought it was our turn EVERY time!
Just keeping it real! 

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