Sunday, December 14, 2008

Catch up...soo late

Yes the kids are making weird faces but can you really get 11 month olds to pose? Lucy and Logan....4 days apart. Thanksgiving 08
Playing together with the kiddos

Mmmm...stick up hair from the sticky yams in her hair!! HAHA
Lots of friends and family. We went to my moms best friends parents house for Thanksgiving. The lady in the orange is who hosted it.
My moms best friend Livi and her sister Lynda.
of course I decide to take pictures in the middle of everyone eating. They weren't to happy with me :) but couldnt say much because their mouths were full. At least we have memories!

My brother eating and Lucy wanting EVERYTHING he put in his mouth!
These are that good of pics due to the sun...Troy and my brother
Lucy and Logan holding hands ;)

Sooo our whole family is down and out with colds. At least that is better than the flu though....and Lucy always has a great attitude even when sick. I just hope it all gets better before next week! Christmas and her bday are around the corner! I cannot believe she is almost 1!!
I just have to make a comment that I just got a standing ovation from my husband for the lunch I cooked. Chorizo burritos. Mmmmm. I grew up on them while we were camping..and I decided it is a cheap meal so I need to learn how to make them. They aren't for those on a diet..and those who do not like spicy food. But they are DELISH!! And they make EXCELLENT leftovers!
Oh! And Troy and I had a great date night last night. My mom came over to watch Lucy and Troy and I went to CPK , looked a little for Lucy's Christmas present, went and saw Four Christmases, got hot chocolate, and finally ended at Barnes and Noble. I wasn't the best date because I was blowing my nose all night and coughing...but he was super sweet anyway. AND, all we spend was the $$ for the hot chocolate! We got the CPK card for a Christmas present, and had the movie tickets already. So we REALLY lucked out! I didn't get any pictures but we did attempt to take Christmas pictures before we left, even though we all were I did get those pictures. I am not going to post them yet because I dont want our Christmas card to be ruined, but soon enough I will post them. They are not that great considering Lucy was crying in between almost every picture because she didnt want to be poked or prodded...but they are cute enough.:)


megan said...

so crazy.... so neat to see everyone in the pix. great memories i have with that family. :)

Brooke-Lynn's Mama said...

Honestly Sarah, could Lucy be any cuter? Her little face and those two front teeth just kill me! She's absolutely to die for. I would LOVE to get together someday! Merry Christmas to you and your FAMILY! How fun! It's both our firsts!

Brooke-Lynn's Mama said...

P.S. CAN YOU BELIEVE our little girls are about to turn one? I've been so emotional about it! Have you?


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