Saturday, December 20, 2008

Winter Celebration!!

Yesterday 5th grade was the place to be!! Our rooms had the most food and the loudest class yet again had another dance contest...we had a dad who was the "bartender" as he dubbed himself, moms who were karokeing ( spelling?), and most of the coolest teachers came to visit and get filled up from our delicious assortment of cultural food. The kids were asked to bring in food from their culture and for the most part they did. Some brought store bought items ( but I would probably do that for Lucy if she was asked to bring something--lord knows I cant cook for the life of me!). We had sooo much fun!! As you can see above, Santa even came!
p.s. in some of these pictures if you click them to make them larger you can tell how my school doesnt have enclosed classrooms. Many of you have heard me talk about it, but here you can kind of tell. Especially the Santa can see a classroom behind us, and there is nothing between us to close us off. It took some getting used to but now it will be sad to change it! ( there are plans to modernize us, in fact they even started to do it---and now with the budget all funds have been frozen so who knows if it will actually go through.)
The PE Team ....

A grandmother serving her homemade menudo.

Upside down pic of sushi, adobo ( Troy was thrilled for leftovers) and tamales
In line awaiting good food!
Delish " not yo mommas banana pudding" as my student called it

More tamales, adobo and a chinese cake to the right

Lumpia (Filipino eggrolls) and chicken taquitos

The bartender himself

and to top it all off ( literally) HOMEMADE SALSA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Tawny said...

Omigoodness! That is the craziest 5th grade holiday party I have ever seen! I am so jealous kids just bring in cookies!
I don't know how you do the whole open classroom thing? That is nuts! Talk about needing GREAT classroom management!

KFuj said...

I love your school and will be sad to see the open classrooms go. At least they are on hold for now!

What a great holiday party. I miss your parties now that I'm in the WVUSD family, but I love South Pointe!!


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