Thursday, December 4, 2008

Thankful Thursday

Well I forgot on the most important Thursday...yikes! Thanksgiving..but here goes for this week......

- I am thankful I was able to do my civic duty this week and spend two days in a court...learning more about the judicial system. I am also thankful that I did not get selected to be on the jury!!!

- I am thankful I was able to attend a K-12 math articulation today and be the voice for my school. My principal puts a lot of trust in me and I need to remember to feel good about that. I learned A TON and made a lot of new friends, and was an advocate for my kiddos.

- I am thankful to have a great 5th grade teaching partner, and friend, Jen. She is always there for me, no matter what my attitude, and always has a positive way of looking at life. She has really made me look differently at a lot of things in my home life and with work. It sometimes takes an outside person to make you rethink your actions and the way you view certain situations, and I love coming to her and having her give me a different point of view.
Thank you for being a great reason to come to work and smile each day!

-I am thankful to have such a sweet, happy, baby girl who makes it worthwhile to get up each day!

-I am thankful for the Christmas season. It has been SO NICE to have the decorations up, and actually put our tree we have owned for 2 years up for the first makes us so cheery! And I am thankful that our puppy and Lucy dont really care about the tree or decorations at all!At least this year!

-Troy says he is thankful he has gotten to put Lucy to bed a few times in the last two weeks. I guess he always wanted to put her to bed but knew that I loved doing it. So he does it everyonce in a while and is loving it. It helps that she is SOO easy to put to sleep and has always been. Lets revisit this subject in a few months and see if it is the same...i hope so!!!!


Tawny said...

Great list! Where do you teach 5th grade at? I am a 5th grade teacher too!!! What a small world! I love your header pictures too!

KFuj said...

-What a great week of thankfuls!
-Jen is a great friend :-)
-We are excited to share the same joys someday with kids too!!

The Veneracion Family said...

Awww....Sarah you're so sweet! Seriously, you help me get through the long days too! =) Love ya!


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