Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year!

Looking back on what a year!!
Things that stick out in my mind....
- a brand new baby girl-- she was 4 days old when it turned 2008.
- the birth of our nephew Trey
-living with the in-laws
- celebrating Lucy turning 1, Troy turning 25 and I turned 27
- buying our first place!
- getting a dog!
- making new friendships and rekindling some and it has been SO nice and refreshing for us!
-continuing the blog and making new friends because of it
- I started cooking more and taking risks
-Troy started delving more into his passion of photography
- I started to get a passion..haha...for sewing...hopefully 2009 will bring many projects and much more confidence for me!
-a trip to Vegas and then St George at 6 weeks and then 8 months for Lucy
- a business ( well I can call school business right? it is my work!) trip to New Orleans

This is just a list of the things I could remember quickly..I am sure I am forgetting some..but the most important one is working on our family and our faith. I know we all make mistakes, but those are the times in which we learn the most. Then, after we have learned, we pick up the pieces and move forward.
I have been VERY fond of a crockpotting blog ( the link is on the says crockpot recipes) where this woman made a new years resolution to make something in her crockpot every single day of 2008. She not only accomplished this, but she is now publishing a book with the recipes. SHe totally became famous!
I can not say that I will be as disciplined..but I do want to say I learned A TON from her. I want to be more goal oriented and disciplined like her. I am great at setting goals, but horrible at reaching them.
Here are some of the areas I want to work on this next year....I hope that I will stay motivated to accomplish them, all I need to think about is the Crockpot lady to try and keep on track!

- taking vitamins daily ( i never took more than 1 my whole pregnancy--thank goodness Lucy is healthy)
-Journal ( or even blog about life events) more often ( notice I didnt say everyday? ) I dont want to set a goal I will not be able to achieve
- be less rigid with Lucy every once in a while and just let loose. I have to maintain a schedule during the week because we both work, but other than that, I need to give every once in a while and just let Lucy be..... on the same note, thanks to my friend Darci, I am realizing I need to teach Lucy to be an independent girl. I am going to struggle with it, but I am not going to come to her beckon call. I am going to allow her to find out things on her own, explore, and learn to have fun doing it! Thanks Darci!
-finally--- SEW! My sewing machine I got on Dec 19th is in the shop already, it came broken to me, so I havent gotten to sew anything! BUT as soon as I get it back I am going to try my best to get started having fun and sewing. My first project is a scarf and hat for Lucy. What I love the most about all of it is that Troy wants to learn to along with me, so it makes it even that much better. I love you Honey!

What things are you wanting to work on this year?


KFuj said...

I want to work on getting prego, finding a place for almost everything in our house, be ready in advance for card clubs(more than one day), blog more, and celebrate the smaller things in life with my friends and family.

Darci said...

What a great look back at the year. I understand the sewing thing, it is totally addicting.

The Trapp Family said...

Happy New Year! I hope you enjoy this year with your cute little family!!

Tawny said...

Those are great things to remember and to set as goals! I am totally going to look at the Crockpot blog, I always need good recipes!
I would take it that we are on the "new friend" list, so as soon as things settle down from the holidays, lest get together soon! :)


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