Sunday, December 28, 2008

Lucy's B-day!

We started her morning in style!

She was the first one to break open the Celebrate plate! We are going to use this on all of our birthdays!

Streamers entering the kitchen....

Joels date...girlfriend...whatever you call it..her name is Morgan..she is from the show Laguna Beach...some of you who watched it might recognize her..I never watched it so I have no clue! My that boy gets lucky! Carrie Underwood and now her ! He is a catch!

She loved this little ride on car from Grandma Jugan..and here they are testing it out!

Three generations!

This pic is for all the girls who love Troy's friend Joel....yes he's a cutie!

Logan....his bday is 4 days from Lucy's! I always mention that..maybe I should stop ...everyone knows by now right?!?
My Uncle and Troy ..

Logan and his dad Brad
I just love him! Cuddle bug

What a cute family!

Uncle Mike and Lucy
Monica and Ethan

Grandma Jugan and Lucy

What? I had to do something with it!
Lucy loves books!

My Uncle and cousin playing a ladder game that Steve was a hit!
Andrea and Luke
My cousin Henry in the chips for like the 3rd time;)
Grandma Sherman and Lucy
Starting the cake! I have to admit, I was much better than I thought I would be!
She had so much in her hands that she squeeeeeeezed it and the frosting squirted out her fingers!!
Everyone ..and I mean EVERYONE ( all at once) played the game " How big is Lucy?" while she was eating the cake...and she played right back!

Yeah.....she got it ALL over her hair!!! That was the worst part! Then when we got home, the dog followed her around licking her head!
Cake drunk!

When we started cleaning her off she wasn't too happy!

I love this picture of her!

This was the cake that was hers to eat! Way cuter than our Costco cake that we ate!
My cousin Cherise and Lucy

Great Grandparents :)

Our friend Korey with her daughter Lauren. Lauren is not even 10 months yet and has been walking for a month!
Grandpa Sherman and Lucy

She looks SO big here!

Troy and I made water bottles to match the theme :) He is so patient with me and does everything I want! He actually is the crafty one in the family! Thank you Honey!

We had SOO much fun! Thank you to my dear friend Becca who took all of these GREAT pictures! She happened to get a great camera from Santa and decided she would be our photographer. How GREAT are the pictures? THANK YOU BECCA! I OWE YOU BIG TIME! And thank you to everyone for making it such a special day!


Brooke-Lynn's Mama said...

SARAH!!! I'M DYING here looking at these pictures! They are to DIE FOR! Lucy is the cutest! I just love the crying picture. It's so classic. Brooke-Lynn's the same way, maybe that's why I think it's so cute ;)
You did a fantastic job with her party by the looks of those pics! Is that little baby boy 4 days younger or older than Lucy? Brooke-Lynn is 4 days YOUNGER than Lucy! How weird would that be if it were Logan, Lucy, then Brooke-Lynn! SO neat! Anyway, I'm rambling.... LOVE these pictures. I'm so glad you got these shots to cherish forever and ever! Can't wait to get our little gal's together in the New Year!


The Trapp Family said...

Oh my are planning Ryder's first birthday. I have never done a real first birthday. It turned out so stinking cute!! I wish we could have been there stupid colds!! I can not get over how cute she is. Noah loved the pictures with cake on her face he and he was very concerned about her crying!!

KFuj said...

Jugan, these pictures are amazing! What a great first birthday! I'm so happy for your beautiful family.

The Veneracion Family said...

Who took these pictures? They are so nice! You inspire me to be a better blogger (I guess I learn from the best)! I miss ya but I'm not excited to back at work. =) Kiss Lucy and say hi to Troy for me!

Buckeyemom said...

Sarah, These pictures are adorable!What a photogenic little Angel Lucy is. Great photographer too!
Hope you had a wonderful holiday..Marcia

Darci said...

Those pictures are great! You guys had such a fun time and so man people were there, crazy! I bet she made out like a bandit.

Crystal and Kyle said...

Her Party looked like so much fun! We wish we could have been there. I love the pictures of her eating her cake. She is such a happy girl.


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