Tuesday, December 16, 2008

is celery a vascular plant?

According to the kids in my classroom, it is!!! Sorry these pics aren't that good..but ever since the little girl in my class threw up on my camera it really has sucked at pictures!! i am sure you all remember doing this experiment in elementary school....my kids loved it!


The Trapp Family said...

Threw up on your camera? That is reason enough that I could NEVER be a teacher. I detetest throw up!!! I would have thrown the camera....yes I hate it that much and then I would cry because I had no camera!

Tawny said...

Omigosh, why, or how did she throw up on your camera? That's disgusting...you would think you teach kindergarten or something??? Hahahahaha! I'm also sorry that you have to use Houghton Mifflin for LA :( I'm so over UA and all that fun stuff!!!


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