Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas pics...

Are we all done yet?
It was like 20 degrees outside ( not really) and windy...and Lucy was soo sick. We just needed her to look at the camera!
All this picture taking is boring!

Almost walking!

She did NOT want to be put on her stomach...had to add this type of picture in for laughs!

Don't document the kissing please!!!!!!!!

Hopefully most of you will be getting the Christmas card today or tomorrow..but for those of you that dont end up getting one ( #1 my apologies...I probably dont have your address! and #2 enjoy these ones instead!)


Brooke-Lynn's Mama said...

Sarah.... she is PRECIOUS! I want to squeeze her! Thanks for your comment on my blog! I'm down in OC often visting my mom and Tiff, so that would be perfect if we could meet up sometime in Jan. Tiffany lives in CDM now, and my mom's in San Clemente. So we can meet somewhere in the middle if you like! I'm so excited that Lucy took her first steps! Isn't it fun? Brooke-Lynn started aggressively walking at 10 months. She is now practically running. It can be scary at times! So, ENJOY the fact that Lucy isn't as mobile, just yet! Brookie is into EVERYTHING! All the cabinets, etc. You name it her little hands are trying to get in it! It's hilarious! Lucy will be walking in no time! These Christmas pictures you took are fabulous! Brooke-Lynn didn't smile in ANY of ours! You got lucky girl! Well, I'll leave it at this. My comment turned into a novel! Sorry! Happy Early Birthday Lucy baby!

The Trapp Family said...

I got your card yesterday so adorable. Seriously you guys are such a precious family I loved it! I can't believe she is going to be one this weekend. Yay for Lucy!!

Darci said...

They are so great! For being sick Lucy did great. Thanks for putting up my button, you will need to re-do it though as I was having flickr problems and now they are all solved.

krista said...

These are such cute pictures!!! I can't believe she is one tomorrow! wow!


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